Online Check-in

    How do I check-in online?

    Check-in online is a user friendly process which will guide you to the end.

    The following steps would guide you through the process.

    1. Log on to the website www.spicejet.com
    2. Click the link online check-in.
    3. Please read and accept the terms and conditions, and click on continue.
    4. It would prompt you to select the Departing City and enter the PNR Number.
    5. If your details are correct, it would prompt you to select the passenger(s).
    6. Select the Passenger(s) required to check-in and the system would take you through the seat map.
    7. Once you have selected the desired seat, the screen would prompt you with the passenger detail and the seat number.
    8. If you are sure you can continue and confirm the process, the system would prompt you for printing your boarding card(s) and customer copy.
    9. You can take this boarding card and get yourself security checked before flying.

    In which cities can I check-in online?

    You can check-in online in all flights except originating from Jammu and Srinagar.

    How many passengers can I check-in online at one time?

    Currently you can only check-in online, 9 passengers at a time.

    How can I cancel or modify my ticket after I have checked-in online?

    Once you have checked-in online, you can cancel or modify your ticket only by calling our sales & reservation centre from outside India: +91 987 180 3333, +91 965 400 3333; from within India: 0 987 180 3333, 0 965 400 3333 up to 1 hour prior to schedule departure of flight.

    I have lost my online boarding card. What do I do?

    Click the same link of online check-in. The system would identify that you have already checked in. It would provide you with an option to once again print the boarding card.

    I have luggage with me. Can I check-in online?

    No, you need to the report to Airport Check-in counter for check-in. Passengers may carry a maximum of one piece of cabin baggage, as defined by BCAS guidelines, with an additional restriction of maximum weight of one piece of 7 kg, not to exceed 55cm + 35cm + 25cm (Total 115 cm). Due to airport security regulations,no cabin baggage is allowed on any flights .

    Would I get a seat of my choice while check-in online?

    Yes, you would be provided to opt for a choice of your seat at the time of check-in online. There would be some seats which are blocked by the airline. You are required to select the preferred seat which is vacant.

    I have an infant with me. How do I Check-in online?

    You cannot check-in online with an infant. You need to report at the Airport check-in counter for obtaining your boarding passes.

    I have opted for a wheel chair. How do I check-in online?

    Passenger cannot check-in online. They need to report at the airport check-in counter to obtain their boarding pass as per the specified time limit.

    Can I check-in online at the time of booking?

    You can check-in online within 48 hours of scheduled flight departure and until 2 hours of scheduled flight departure.

    How much time before the flight should I report at the Airport?

    You are required to clear the Airport Security Check and report at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.