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On Surat incident…

Last night a stray buffalo hit one of our aircraft (a Boeing 737-800, flight no SG 622 from Surat to New Delhi carrying 140 pax and 6 crew on board) on take-off roll at Surat airport. The buffalo was essentially invisible against a dark background. Thankfully all passengers and crew were safe, however the aircraft was impacted quite severely and hence was grounded. An alternate aircraft was arranged by SpiceJet for the passengers who departed for New Delhi at 10:55 pm yesterday from Surat. Stray animals are a growing menace in some airports. This incident has affected our regular operations and hence SpiceJet flights from Surat will be suspended indefinitely due to aircraft being grounded, ‎and as well to await results of investigation along with corrective measures that will be taken by the airport to ensure passengers, crew, and aircraft are not put at risk again.