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5/20 policy

21 February, 2016: All of us were asked to serve our great country before we got profitable rights to fly abroad. We served with great pride. What is wrong if these two foreign-controlled airlines are also asked to serve India before being allowed to fly international?

Mr Tata, whom we respect greatly, should in fact urge these airlines in which his group is a shareholder, to serve India willingly before being allowed to fly international.

While obtaining a licence, these two airlines had undertaken to follow the 5/20 rule, a rule they are now opposing so vehemently.

It is also evident that these airlines are controlled by their foreign parents. This is in complete violation of Indian laws that require airlines in India to be effectively controlled by Indian shareholders. Mr Tata should urge these airlines to follow Indian law in letter and spirit.

No country in the world, including Singapore and Malaysia, allows its airlines to be controlled by foreign airlines. If Indian airlines like SpiceJet and Indigo are not allowed in these countries, why should they be allowed to control airlines in India?

Mr. Ajay Singh, CMD, SpiceJet