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SPICEJET MEDIA STATEMENT #1 (December 6, 2014)
  • It has been reported in some newspapers, notably the Times of India, that the DGCA has asked SpiceJet to refund bookings made beyond 30 days. This is absolutely incorrect and false information, and is causing a lot of confusion amongst travel agents and passengers. There has been NO such notification. There is NO requirement to refund passengers who have bookings beyond 30 days.
  • It has also been reported in some publications that resignation of pilots has resulted in a pilot shortage and the remaining pilots having to fly extra hours, with potential safety implications. This is also a completely baseless and factually incorrect statement. Pilots who have resigned are serving their notice period and are still flying with us. With our fleet reduction, the average flying hours per pilot is less, not more, than before. Even after the pilots on notice part ways with SpiceJet in the coming months, we will have more than enough pilots to fly our fleet with no FDTL violations.

SpiceJet appeals to the media to please check their claims and information from unnamed “sources” with us before publishing false and misleading information. This is the time for the media to be a positive influence in ensuring accurate information is disseminated to the public, and not sensational and false information which does disservice to all stakeholders and the public at large.