Carry More Onboard

At SpiceJet, we are constantly thinking of ways to make air travel more convenient for passengers. Our new "Carry More Onboard!" product is our newest innovation. We realize that there are times customers want to or need to carry a little more than the standard 7kg handbag in the cabin, and forcing them to check-in the carry-on bag does not help them nor us. Therefore with this new product, our customers will be allowed to carry upto 5 kgs more onboard (max 12 kg) by paying a nominal extra fee per kg at check-in. This will be in addition to the normal 7kgs (free) allowed cabin baggage allowance.

Very importantly, while we will permit more weight, the physical dimensions of the carry-on bag will have to be within the current permissible limit. What this means simply is customers can carry heavier bags, but not more bags or larger bags than currently permitted. The maximum size for cabin baggage remains 115 cms (L+B+H) on Boeing flights and 108 cms(L+B+H) on Bombardier Q400 flights .

Please note that "Carry More Onboard!" is an optional product, available for your convenience should you choose to purchase it. If passengers prefer to check in the carry-on bag, they are free to do so like before as per their check-in baggage allowance.

"Carry More Onboard!" launches on July 10, 2015. It will be available for all domestic flights, as well as international flights originating in India. It is available on direct, via, and connecting flights, with a single check-in fee per check-in.
With effect September 01, 2015 carry more onboard is also available for flights departing from Outside India.

So make the most of it if you choose to, and enjoy travel that is Red, Hot, Spicy, and more convenient!

Refer to the table below to know more about the charges applicable for "Carry More Onboard!".

Point of purchase Charges

At Airport Ticket Offices And During Airport Check-In

As Per Current Excess Baggage Rate

Pre-booking online (www.spicejet.com, SpiceJet Reservation Centre and SpiceJet Travel Partners)

Domestic: Rs 250/- Per kg (Max 5 kg)

International: Rs 450/- Per kg (Max 5 kg)

Terms and Conditions

  • Passengers are allowed to carry the below items free of cost:
    • One (01) unit of cabin baggage of maximum seven (07) kg. of weight (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags)
    • Passengers travelling with an infant shall have additional seven (07) kg. of free cabin baggage allowance.
  • If the cabin baggage exceeds the weight of seven (07) kg., the passenger shall have to pay as follows:
    • Pre-purchase on the www.spicejet.com, SpiceJet Reservation Centre and SpiceJet Travel Partners
      - Domestic: Rs 250/ kg
      - International: Rs 450/ kg
    • At the airport check-in counter/ boarding gate, as per current excess baggage rate

      (passengers doing web check-in shall be responsible to have their baggage checked and pay for the excess cabin baggage (if any) at the airport check-in counter)

  • Passengers can carry onboard a maximum of twelve (12) kg. of weight only of the cabin baggage.
    (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags).
  • The maximum dimension of the cabin baggage to be carried onboard is:
    • On Boeing flights: 115 cms. (L+W+H)
    • On Bombardier Q-400 flights: 108 cms. (L+W+H)
  • The CarryMoreOnboard (CMO!) Product is available on all domestic flights operating with in India (except flights originating from Jammu and Srinagar) and international flights originating from India and from outside India.
  • Carry More On Board can be pre booked at least 12 hours prior to flight departure.
  • The purchase made in respect of CMO! is non-refundable, except in the event of the entire booking being cancelled by the passenger or the flight being cancelled by the airline.