Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

With an annual traffic of 13 million that is increasing by the year and comprising people from various walks of life, pursuing advertising opportunities with SpiceJet means a positive amplification of your marketing efforts. Advertising opportunities with SpiceJet include various touchpoints such as boarding passes, cabin baggage tags, step ladders, tray tables, bulk heads and many more. If you want to explore advertising opportunities with SpiceJet, India's favourite^ domestic airline, please write to

Why choose this medium:

  • Your marketing message gets higher visibility in a zero-competition environment.
  • High attention span and time to assimilate product details.
  • Ability to reach a wide spectrum of passengers including HNIs, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, and Homemakers across the country who travel on holidays and work.

SpiceJet Advantages:

  • 43 Domestic destinations and 8 International destinations including Colombo, Kathmandu, Dubai, Kabul, Male, Muscat, Sharjah and Bangkok.
  • More than 350 flights per day across a fleet of 57 aircraft that guarantee over 5 million direct views (eyeballs) per annum.
  • An average flight duration of 2 hours that means long periods of undivided attention.

Advertising Opportunities with SpiceJet: